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Making money online is an exciting task that everybody wants that. There’s a lot of methods that you can do to make money online, like doing online surveys, doing transcription jobs, searching for freelancer jobs like in When you only rely on your main job, it’s rather painful because you still need extra money to support your life. Especially if you need school fees for your child or savings for buying a house instead of rent.

Some reviews say that Appen is legit, but others say it’s a scam. I always doing the research first before I make this review, because I need to make sure about all things that consider to be share with you as a reader. Now, I will go deep in searching the fact about Appen, what’s inside and how you can earn extra money online from this site.


Remember, this article is all about mixing Appen reviews and testimonials around the Internet. There are available in the public domain. The author is not a member of Appen. All of this review is entirely opinions. As readers, you can apply or agree with our opinion or not. 

What is Appen?


Appen is a company that provides or improves data for the development of AI (artificial intelligence). Appen will collect the data that uses human interaction such as speech and natural language data, video, image, and alphanumeric data. They has a lot of customers that using machine learning including ASR (automatic speech recognition), advertising, for enhancing customer service like chat with bots or virtual assistants. For your information, when machines want to demonstrate AI, they need to be programmed with training data, of course with human quality to helps the machine learn. The more data they can collect, the smarter the machines will be.

How Appen collect this much data? They will do this with independent contractors and employees as a freelancer like you to evaluate some works on social media and search engines. Because it’s one of a kind of a freelancer job, you might be thinking about low payments and cannot be a reference for your financial comfort.

Or you can choose to do other things for making money online but with different methods such as doing online surveys on Gold Opinions and Swag Bucks. You can get extra money with fun stuff like playing games, watching videos, or visiting websites.

How Does Appen Work?

All of the information that you provide and finished to Appen like media evaluations, transcription or spoken phrases will be the help for AI systems to become smarter. This will advantage you anytime because sometimes machines will not understanding things ambiguous and only humans can understand that reference. The machine will always need humans until they know everything by itself.

For example, sarcastic or jokes by a human is barely recognized by machines, that’s why machines still need humans for learning. Especially when humans have the word Apples (it’s a fruit or it’s a product) only humans will know the reference depends on the sentences. Because of these problems, machines need a lot of training to understand a few things that they’re not understanding with. Works with Appen is about doing jobs that can help machines to know better.

Is Appen a Scam?

When you can see how I describe Appen and what Appen needs from their workers , Appen definitely is not a scam.

There is no charge for you when you want to join, and Appen will never ask your money or gift cards. The only email that you will get is from or which is verified.

Appen will never chat with you privately unless they will give you an email with automatic sending. Because almost all of the Appen method is automatic. This means Appen will never ask for your personal information such as your credit card numbers, your debts, or your specific address.

Another thing that proves Appen is not a scam, this company is founded in 1996 in Australia. Appen employes more about 400.000 freelancers. These results make Appen holding the top rank in the ‘Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs’. Although Appen is a legit company, you still can find a bad-word about Appen, and lots of bad reviews are given. Why is that? I will talk about that right now.

Bad Reviews

What does make Appen looks bad on the review? Some say that Appen has a poor support system, and even not getting paid. When you talk about low pay, it’s still considerable because you can rely much on the online platform that wants to give you big money for some easy jobs. But if you’re not getting paid at all, it’s a serious problem.

When I found some bad reviews from Sitejabber, I was shocked. Is that information legit? Or someone just doesn’t like the payments and he said Appen is not even paying him? 

The reviewer is talking about ‘not getting paid forth with email and for going back’. What was that means?

I think this reviewer is a misunderstanding about how Appen works. Because you can’t easily charge Appen per email or charge for your time going back, right?

And if you don’t get paid at all, we still need to look at your work performance. Because all platforms will have their own standards. In the beginning, before you work at their platform, you will know what to do and what not to do. When you’re not getting paid at all, it’s sure about your quality work issue.

Yeah, it sounds hard and harsh but that’s the reality when you’re being a freelancer. When you want to make money online with freelancer jobs, you need to make sure your work is having high-quality, unless you will not get paid. 

When Appen sounds a bit hard for you, I can recommend you to make extra money online by doing easier stuff like Gold Opinions or Swag Bucks. In that platform, you can make money online for visiting sites, watching videos, or doing online surveys. 

Work at Home Jobs

This is what most people look at when they want to make money online. Because it sounds simple and doesn’t take much time to do the work, but you still can get extra money. Most of the jobs for work at home jobs are like transcriptions, online surveys, affiliate marketing, and providing services.

Appen has minimum qualifications before you can work with them. The most important thing is you need to have access to a computer & Internet connection (this is obvious) because you need to work at home and need to finish the remote jobs. Or, if you have a smartphone that can do the same as your computer, you can use that.

Another thing you need to have is a strong English writing skills. Most of the files given to you are in the English language. That’s why you need to have great English. About the job and how you can finish it, you will get instructions from the start until finish. Make sure you read all of the instructions because it will help you a lot.

Work Schedule:

The good thing is you can work on your own schedule, which is very flexible. You can choose to work for 1-4 hours of work each day up to 20 hours per week. Or you can choose for common work with 5-7 days per week. The hot spot in the Appen jobs is the Social Media Evaluator.

There ore other than social media evaluator with similar qualifications and have flexible schedules like :

Crowdsourcing – Audio transcription and content evaluation. These projects include user experience with doing research.

Voice Data Collection – You will read and record short phrases and take them into a smartphone app. These voice data is used for a lot of apps.

Annotator – There is more than the English language on this job. The job is about semantic mark-up of transcribed text.

How Much Does Appen Pay?

You can’t find exact salaries on Appen, because the hourly rate is different from each job. But in general, people reported they got salaries in $10 – $15 per hour range. Some people will say it’s a good amount, some say it’s not good. Because it will depend on where you live. You can earn more than $15 per hour, for example working for a data collector, because you can earn $30 per hour at best. But if you come here for getting big money to work at home, Appen is not your place.

Remember, because you are working at Appen with the status ‘Individual Contractors’ which means you need to pay taxes by yourself. More like other platforms, you will see some bad reviews because of the low payments, or strict policy. It doesn’t matter how bad people talk about platforms, you need to see and work from your perspective. Because you will know the fact about the platform that you work with.


If you still thinking Appen is not the best method to make money online, then you need to consider doing other things that can earn you extra money as I mentioned before. You can start to join Gold Opinions or Swag Bucks for doing online surveys and doing easy things like visiting websites, watching videos, surfing the Internet and also playing games. 

That’s all about Appen review, I hope you can get exact information about how to make money online with Appen. See you on the next platform reviews.



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