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Thank you for check out my American Consumer Panels Review. The most question I get about how to get money in internet with do survey and testing products with online. Many people enjoy it, and even get a little money, but not much.Now, in this my American consumer review I’ll explain about ins and outs, expect about this product, and what many people ask ; Is American consumer panels scam ?

american consumer panels

Disclaimer :
I’m not a members or affiliate members of American Consume Panels. This review is a research with information, testimonials, or opinion is available online in public domain. Any conclusions or recommendations are opinions and not to apply to, or agree with all person or situation.

About American Customers Panels

American Customers Panels is claim that they are company with home-based product tester network, and you can make money with giving products a throught.
Is it legit ? No, it’s not legit . American Consumer Panels is just bait from some online survey company, and switch fraud. They look like as legitimate product testing site, then they will direct you to sign up to them ( online survey company) and collect some fee to sending you to there. That’s the problems, in many cases you need more money to survive the month, and get them in online is good solutions, but some bad companies take advantage of it.

Anyone need money.

You are money source for your family, but if you have health issue because your age, not enough fee for your life, or no jobs, it will make stressful and worrying then make it worse. I have been there too…
You mind to get online job, get real income, and you will get what you need or help your family financial. So, you try to join company like American Customer Panels but in the fact they don’t help at all.
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It’s more better you get fast earning cash with join legit survey sites like Survey Junkie, or Swagbucks whos will pay you to search the web, visit website, playing games, or watch videos. Don’t believe with fast cash from bad company like American Consumer Panels.

american consumer panels review

American Consumer Panels Scam.

Yes, I can said that after see some American consumer panels review. So, that’s the short answer, for longer version is American Consumer Panels is lying to you, but step by step make you end up on some legit sites.
Does it qualified make them as a scam because don’t match the truth with product ?
People know if possible to earn money online, but it’s still mystical place with many fraudster in there. You are not the one believe that is scam, or may dupe of their action. Just be careful with online world and know about legitimation sites is important to make you get right place.
Many way to earn money from internet, but there’s also is garbage. Not just in person, the real company that thinker to choosing with fraud marketing way. They do it with realize and it make user not trust them slowly.
American Customer Panels definitely much closer with “SCAM” status in scale of deception. But for understanding let’s look at what is going there and can still earn some money online ?

american consumer panels scam

How does it must work ?

How does company like American Consumer Panels must work ? The right do with companies is must paid user who testing their products. Unfortunately, they spin out time during sign up session with suggest you to set up your profile, set your email, phone number, etc, beside that they give you to another sites or legit sites that’s do nothing relation or affiliate with American Consumer Panels.
And then they will get some fee from legit sites because make you register in the legit or another site. American Consumer Panels just give mask to get their benefit using your data to join another surveyor sites.
If you see some American Consumer Panels review , users or members have get complaining that they have get member or sign up, but never contacted to test product. You know, in the fact is no products to test .

Uncovering the Fraud mask

After read some review and get some checklist about American Consumer Panels, I feel something is wasn’t right.
First, they don’t have organization structure, like CEO, direction, etc. No contact name, no operator for if you have complain, etc. Short opinion is American Costumer Panels can’t get contacted with their members.
That’s red flag, but not must that fraud. I must use another step to make sure about American Consumer Panels scam.
Then I checked their social media community, and now I’m going in facebook.
I see their last activity is 2016 and don’t have another activity in 2 years ago. All their comments never get response too from American Consumer Panels . I’ve reviewed hundreds or thousands of making online company, they must get reviews and response it. And even the bad ones too, they still get some positive review and little response from company.

Office in popular place or High Society office

The legit company must have physical office address, and American Consumer Panels is located in suite 8500 of One World Trade Center. So, let’s start to identification this company based of people reviews.
All the reviews is come from their members who never contacted to product review. That’s mean American Consumer Panels is collect money by referring people to another online survey sites. ( they can pay $50 for one referral) .
So, how many company in WTC for $50 and a sweeptakes entry ?
In the fact, suite 8500 in WTC is occupied by ServCorp, company which rent virtual office space, reception, and a prestigious address.
And with that fact, I can said if American Consumer Panels is work with individual or little group people in their home and renting an prestigious address in ServCorp.
In my doubt, I try to contact their reception to answer my calls, but I didn’t get any through to anyone . And I read some reviews, no one else has either.

American consumer panels review

I usually to check my checklist of items before read American Consumer Panels reviews, and I try to be objective in my side. Honestly, some often someone give bad review or unsatisfied experience with this company. And I’ve some fact before see their frustration review.
So, What my review ?
After make identifications about this company, I see they have no real office, contact, etc in 90% and I can claim if American Consumer Panels scam. So, that’s as this company tester product is scam, because they don’t have product to get testing.
But, Although American Consumer Panels is scam, they are referring you to go some legit survey company where you can get some dollars from them. Their sites like Gold Opinions or Swagbucks where can give you dollar extra with testing their products.


What you must do now ?

Like you know if American Consumer Panels scam and they are not legit product testing site. And they directing you to go another survey sites, why you don’t go the legit sites alone without them ?
You can go to and for get few dollar extras in your online business. And it’s more better than getting member in fraud company.
It’s make frustrating, especially if you are struggling in there. In that case may your amount money you have is getting enough and the cost living is getting high, not cheaper.
A second income is solution and you can try it with online business. American Consumer Panels is not only way for your answers, you still have another option to get that.
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