SEO for Doctors

How to Grow Your Healthcare Practice With SEO

Because of the dynamic shift to local SEO for doctors, SEO is now more accessible than ever. To compete with your peers and their established medical practices in past years, you had to have influence, excellent website traffic, and great backlinks. With the proper knowledge and consistency, you can quickly rank in Google local and rise to the top.

What does it mean for you as a physician to be the top-ranked local search result for your type of practice?

  • Do you need more consultations?
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase the number of new patients
  • Is there overall practice growth?

Now you can get it by using local SEO optimization for doctors. With this guide, you’ll be optimistic on your path to get website visits, new calls, and direction requests. You just need to track the results.

These SEO tips and benefits for doctors will help you to enjoy higher search engine results.

Some SEO Benefits for Medical Practices:

  • Increase the traffic of the medical website
  • Increase monthly leads and make more patient appointments
  • Compete with competitors and get some traffic from the focus keywords
  • Higher rank for condition and treatment-focused keywords
  • Gain new patients with no paid ads
  • Get reviews for new patient

10 SEO Tips for Medical Practices

1. The importance of Google My Business Listings

It is crucial to be proactive in SEO for medical practices. Avoid misinformation to patients and take control of the situation.

After you claim the listing, make sure to verify it. It will allow your updates to go live on Google and provide critical analytics.

2. Website reviews can help to increase your rankings

It is an extension of the previous point, it is so important that it deserves its own place on the list. If you are looking for SEO for medical practices and ranking first on Google, make sure that your website has a page with testimonials/reviews.

Google considers your site reviews as a strong indicator of page rank. Make sure your site has some reviews. It should contain a mix of “first-party” reviews (reviews given directly to the practice) and third-party reviews, and you can get them from Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Complete the profile once you have completed the verification process. Use your name or brand, address, and phone number for the information on your medical website matching page.

3. Make a Facebook business page for practice

You will far from the curve if you don’t have a Facebook page for your practice. There are many reasons for this, but one of that is a medical search engine optimization.

It is valid for all primary and specialty care practices.

Facebook is crucial for first-page results in search engines and is the most powerful search engine, so you will lose landscape and visibility if you don’t have a practice Facebook page.

4. Listings profiles and third-party reviews are required

Creating your Facebook practice page and claiming your doctor’s Google My Business is a massive step toward SEO for doctors, but it doesn’t end there. Make sure to check out the 50+ reviews directories too.

It is essential to emphasize the importance of consistency in all SEO-related medical websites.

Google will return your search query with greater confidence if sufficient information confirms that it is accurate.

For example, important provider listing platforms are CareDash and Healthgrades.

5. The number of new patient reviews is a critical part of SEO for Doctors

After you’ve followed the above instructions, created a review section on your website, claimed more than 200+ third-party directories, and reviewed site listings, it is time to focus on getting new patient reviews.

Google reviews are one of the essential ranking indicators. Make sure you get 5-star patient reviews. Google reviews are the most important area you should focus on if your doctor’s local SEO needs to be improved. You can see that reviews and Google My Business make up 40% of the local search ranking signals. It is an essential factor.

Google considers this social proof. It means other customers in the area have same service experienced as you, so they should refer others to your search result.

Because of disgruntled patients’ negative reviews, doctors often resist addressing patient review generation.

It is a crucial concern, but avoiding it is not always possible. It would be best if you continued to generate high-quality reviews and worked hard to combat this. It must appear on Google’s first page for providers or medical practices.

Her reviews have 277, and she is a top-ranked search result for provider-related searches to “primary care” in the Stamford, Connecticut region.

It is a good idea to consider a second option besides focusing on google my business listing.

You can give your patient the option to leave a review somewhere else, regardless of whether they are on Yelp or Facebook.

6. Website design is the most important part

It sounds simple, but it is the first step to making a reliable SEO for doctors.

Correction and update your medical website design and information. You should have a page with your contact NAP (name, address, and phone), which will be used for all future listings & reviews.

Uniformity is essential in this whole scenario. So get started. Google will first refer to your contact information if you have it in the universal footer.

7. SEO is still about content

When it comes to healthcare marketing, most providers think of blog posts. It is crucial that doctors find the content they are most likely to produce and then focus their time and energy on it. Mixing several media is the best option, as patients may prefer different ways to consume their content.

The most important long-term ranking factor is investing in a strategic content marketing strategy. Competitor and keyword analysis should support this strategy.

8. The power of video content

Another way to attract visitor is making a video about your doctor’s practice to build a trusting relationship with potential patients and increase engagement. Video content can also improve SEO on-page, which is an important ranking factor for the website.

The providers are directly involved in content development, making the medical marketing programs the most successful. It can help patients search for information and talk directly with potential doctor they trust.

Google is Youtube’s owner, so SEO matters as Youtube are the second most popular search engine.

Begin by writing down the most common questions and answers that patients ask throughout the week; this is what potential patients want to know.

I can guarantee you will be able to quickly produce 4-6 months’ worth of video content in just an hour.

9. Details keyword research is very important for Local SEO

Keywords are the foundation of excellent local SEO for medical sites.

Many people make a mistake by not using free resources on the internet to conduct keyword research.

You can use the Google search engine machine to locate related keywords. Scroll down to the bottom to see “Searches related.”

Keywords should consider as section titles in your piece of content.

LSIGraph is an example of an excellent paid tool that you should use.

Specific type in your focus keyword to see the LSI keywords you should include in your content.

It will produce a list with long-tail keywords people search around the topic. In this example, “pulmonologist doctors.”

You must use the keyword to create section titles for the page on pulmonologist doctors. As people search for it, include a section on your website heading and tag for Pulmonologist Doctors Illinois if your practice is near area.

Google will give you a better grade if you include more long-tail keywords on your pages. They will also offer you similar topics in “pulmonologist doctors” searches.

10. The importance of backlinks

The backlink is essential to SEO strategy to rank first on Google for a local doctor practice. A backlink is a link between two websites. It was also known as an “inbound link” or “incoming link.”

Search engines can vote that the content is credible, valuable, and useful. The more votes you have, the better your site will rank on Google and other search engines. Quality and credibility are the key terms when it comes down to receiving backlinks.

Local SEO for doctors will be more effective if your site is well-known and relevant to your business.

Optimize Your Medical Website with SEO for Doctors

With claiming Google Business listings in your beginning step and establishing a proper structure for your website. Then, you can move on to SEO strategy for your medical website. Although it is not easy to rank organically at the top of search results, it is possible to do so quickly if you follow the proper process and are consistent with your efforts daily.

Local SEO for medical practices can increase traffic to the website, phone calls, and overall patient leads. If you find this overwhelming, or you would like us to do an SEO for medical websites audit to determine exactly where your practice is located and how you can improve your ranking and traffic, you can contact us at


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