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How to check website traffic free online? Or do you want to know the best website traffic checker? With this article, I will review the top website traffic checker services or website traffic estimator.

How well your rival’s websites are performing? Are they driving more traffic than your site? Are they competing for different keywords than you?

Unless your rival has a page that shows their site statistics, we have to depend on top website traffic checkers services.

Fortunately, there is a couple of sites that can do this and for free.

If you are using them correctly, these tools can assist you in getting free website traffic by checking out what your rivals strength and weak points are.

So let’s go and learn the best website traffic checker, aka, website traffic estimator.

1. SEMrush Reviews – Website Traffic Estimator

Looking for SEMrush reviews? Our team has come together to give you an in-depth overview of SEMrush, it’s pros and cons so that you can make the best decision on your next SEO and SEM software purchase. SEMrush is a software as a service that sells online visibility and marketing analytics. Traffic Analytics is the latest released tool. You can either analyze your site or even compare the data with your rivals. It provides traffic volume & information on your website or others.

sem rush traffic sources

SEMRush Reviews –  Traffic Sources

Overall SEMrush gets our #1 rank when it comes to software that gives information about backlinks, competition and much more. Digital marketers of all different types use SEMrush to find some of the most profitable keywords that you can get!

One of the key highlights to SEMrush is that you can view competitors performance in organic search and it’ll also give you an idea of what their organic search rankings are doing for them. This is a huge benefit for anybody trying to price out SEO.

Overall we just wanted to write this short review of SEMrush so that our readers will give them a try! They offer free trials ranging from 7 – 30 days, so check them out and come back to us with your thoughts and feedback!

sem rush subdomains

SEMRush Review – Top Landing Pages

Find out and reveal the top pages of your site or competitors in seconds. SEMRush is similar to using a mole on your competitor’s promotion division. Somebody who gives you all of the information, effects and information directly in their office flooring. And, then teaches you how you can construct a plan to acquire.

sem rush top landing pages

SEMRush Review – Traffic By Device

You can evaluate and compare the site’s visitors engagement by device type, excellent stuff to research your audience.

There is nothing you can not do at the tool once you understand how to utilize it (that you may at the end of the manual).

It concentrates on saving you money, time and revealing you the ideal chances to find advertising outcomes that matter. There is no dressing metrics; the sole measurables will be those which can make you money in the long term.

With the instrument you’ve got access to the very comprehensive keyword analysis tool accessible. You’re able to virtually everything from positions, to advertising replicate and backlink profiles.

Plus, you may observe the moves that your competitors is creating and make a good strategy to fight them.

Should you really care about acquiring Search traffic and if you are here I bet you are doing then this can be a tool which you must have on your lifetime.

That having been said, if you are ready, let us get on the way you’re able to utilize SEMRush to control your marketplace. However, do be warned, as soon as you start reading you will not ever look at advertising in precisely the exact same manner again.

Before you examine the competition, it is important to comprehend what you’re able to improve in your own website.

This offers you a clean, powerful and prepared to build on stage to attack the competition from. Assessing each angle of the way you enhance your present in house SEO will provide you virtually instant results to a SEO from the very minor alterations.

semrush traffic by device

SEMRush – Traffic By Countries

Here you can analyze how your rival does in different countries and then find out which ones you want to target to get their traffic.

Do not make the mistake of emphasizing your company decisions on anecdotal proof; be sure you are getting the details. SEMrush can offer you with various valuable information that will assist you get those details whether it is about keywords, traffic, advertising campaigns, site traffic, SEO, sociable websites and far more so you may acquire tangible proof on both the operation of your own site along with your competitor’s sites so that you are able to make the best choices for your small business.

SEMrush is an internet advertising and marketing research service which helps ecommerce marketers and site owners understand the way their opponents have generated marketing opportunities in order that they can use them also. They consider that there is no reason to create your own mistakes as soon as it comes to internet advertising once it is possible to learn from the opponent’s successes and take advantage of these instead.

SEMrush has produced many effective tools to assist ecommerce entrepreneurs boost their marketing and advertising campaigns whether it is SEO, PPC, advertising campaigns, content promotion, traffic, keyword analysis and execution, SERP, sociable websites and far more so that you can actually understand the information and analytics supporting your own site, compare it with your opponents locate opportunities for advancement and useful approaches to make those developments.

SEMrush isn’t right for the new entrepreneur seeking to begin their very first ecommerce company — it is for the entrepreneur seeking to cultivate their reach, increase their visitors and gain more out of their attempts.

sem rush traffic by countries

SEMrush Review: Who’s SEMrush is For

SEMrush is to get the entrepreneur who is prepared to develop their company to new heights and also actually wishes to dig in and do the dirty work in regards to analytics, reports, information and monitoring. SEMrush will give you with the truth but it’s your choice to execute their ideas and do it on your own site.

SEMrush can also be for the entrepreneur who is prepared to compete within their own business and choose their plans into the next measure. It is for the entrepreneur who is prepared to get in to the sport for actual and the entrepreneur who is prepared to carry out.

sem rush visitor behaviour


Advertising Research

Using SEMrush’s Advertising Research attribute you can better your marketing campaigns by acquiring a glimpse in your competition’s. Discover how your rivals are creating the most from the PPC investments by assessing their Adwords, seeing their visitors, their quantity and their own CPC estimations for every single keyword and all of the while find how it is possible to better your PPC bidding strategy and efficacy and cut down on your advertising budget.

With this attribute you are also going to have the ability to check if your competition is using long-tail or long-tail keywords to reach their ranks, whether they market their solutions with branded advertising copies or if they utilize branded keywords to improve their ranks. You will also have information that information just how long that the competitor’s advertisements are operating, which will be invaluable information you may utilize to find out whether their advertisements were effective or not based on the length of time they were conducting, or should they operate seasonal advertisements around particular days of the year.

semrush review

Display Advertising

Google’s Screen Network plays a massive part in search advertisements and also SEMrush’s Display Marketing feature you are in a position to examine how other businesses produce successful display advertisements. You can achieve it by assessing industry boss’s or competitor’s advertisement headlines, pictures, calls to actions and much more, and you are able to watch the quantity of advertising impressions as well as the ad’s capability to create conversions. In the end, you may compare involving text marketing and press banners to determine which functions the most efficiently for advertisers.

To assist you hone in on your target market more, SEMrush’s Display Marketing feature gives a SEMrush Adsense Publisher’s Report that will be able to enable you to find the sites your competitors are marketing on so that you are able to come across sites you haven’t used yet to publicize your company which may potentially be perfect advertising places.


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SEMRush Backlinks

Together with SEMrush’s Backlinks Reports you receive thorough information about this status, ability and geolocation of their incoming links to your site. These hyperlinks are a vote to get the site’s releancy, trustworthiness and authenticity and they are also among the most essential aspects which play in your SEO and SERP.

With this feature you are in a position to assess incoming links to get a URL domain name or root domainname, you can detect the domain name authority and geolocation, view the anchor text which the connection is connected to, see the URLs and names of linking and goal pages, and compare the incoming connection’s burden on the competition’s domain.

This sitemap checker is a valuable tool to use to assist you better your backlink construction strategy since it’s an effective means to track and see new referral traffic resources so you are always conscious of where they are coming out of.

semrush backlinks

Keyword Research

We have discussed the value of keyword research earlier in our Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research, therefore it is not surprising that SEMrush supplies a tool that will assist you discover the most effective high-volume and long tail keywords for your articles and site.

Using SEMrush’s keyword analysis tool it’s possible to hunt for high ranking and search engine optimized keywords, acquire information on every keyword’s significance for paid and organic search for example CPC, quantity, number of outcomes, advertisement searches and much more, you’re going to receive information about the best rank domain names for every keyword and have the ability to test keywords for mobile and desktop functionality.

Keywords are this significant part SEO and developing a solid internet presence for ecommerce companies and sites alike, and also the SEMrush Keyword Research tool makes it possible to dig deeper into keyword analytics and data so that you may make the best choices for your company. That’s important to know in this SEMRush review.


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Keyword Magic Tool

Do not get stuck going following the very same keywords, branch out into additional pertinent keywords that match your company’ goals which will be able to help you reach more effective content positions and marketing and advertising campaigns.

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool lets you locate more than 2 thousand keywords to pick from after inputting a “seed” keyword. After that you can sort the results from search volume, standing issue, competitiveness, CPC information and much more in a easy to read. These outcomes are associated with the seed keyword that you input and you are in a position to further narrow the results down from search subject so that you really can hone in on the keywords which are most applicable for you.

This tool can help you to locate long-tail keywords which are related to your company so that you may produce more chances to target those keywords in your articles, copy, marketing campaigns and simply to enhance your general Search Engine Ranking Position. You might even compile each the top keywords the Keyword Magic Tool makes it possible to locate into a single record which you may readily reference afterwards so that you have all of the essential information at hand if you have to utilize it.

semrush magic tools

Position Tracking

Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) is vital, particularly in the event that you work hard at optimizing your articles, product webpages and site to SEO, thus use SEMrush’s Ranking Tracking tool to track your regional, regional and neighborhood research engine rankings for almost any keyword.

This information is updated every day so that you’ll always have accurate information about where you are rank for your target keywords constantly. Using this tool you’re going to have the ability to realize your search engine optimization efforts pay off, so be upgraded when your pages alter SERP and you may also keep tabs on your competitor’s keyword positions so that you understand the best way to compare.

As you may restrict your place monitoring to the neighborhood level you’re able to find a fuzzy view of your SERPs that’s particularly perfect if you support a particular field of earth.

Our Outcomes From SEMRush

We have been utilizing SEMrush here in our firm for many years now. Specifically, we’re exceptionally concentrate on SEO expansion within this year and utilized SEMrush religiously to discover fantastic keywords to aim. Over the duration of this year, we could burst our audience, attaining substantial growth this year. This set the stage for the remainder of our enterprise and has been instrumental in our general success for a small business.


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2. Similar Web – Website Traffic Checker

check website traffic free

Similar Web assists you get complete data from many websites and provides you with a detailed traffic overview of how a website performing.

Similar Web split down the information into biteable chunks which makes the whole process fast. They also provide a paid membership service starting from $200 to $800 per month.

similarweb referrals


A simple to read infographics of the top referring websites also included in the top sites that leave Similar Web.

Image result for similarweb search traffic"

Search Traffic

Search Traffic is the main section for many webmasters. You can learn the keywords your rival is targeting, the organic traffic and PPC visits.

similarweb search traffic

Display Advertising

If your rival is using display ads, you can get the information here. And then using the data to create your plan.

similar web audience


You can research the audience interest from your competitor sites. And by using the data, you can create a plan to bring them to your site.


Similar Web gives a lot of robust information that you can take away to analyze your rival’s website. Becoming a PRO member will provide you with even more data and let you check multiple sites at once.


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3. Quantcast

traffic overview on quantcast

Quantcast’s primary goal is to supply the behaviour information from the visitors on a website. They can analyze things like sex, visit duration and their frequency on specific pages and the visitor’s age. One of the advantages you can use from Quantcast is that you can monitor information in real-time, this is a powerful tool as you can track changes that you may make on your website and see the difference.

Quantcast needs that you sign up and place a tracking code on your site to gather its data. It’s worth the investment, especially for webmasters who run ads campaigns and want to learn more about the type of visitors from the website you will be running ADS.


This data is gold when running ads on a website, and here we can discover that Lifehacker is popular with young Asian dads who are educated and earn a good income.

find website demographic


Do you want to run desktop ads on Lifehacker? You may want to use mobile ads only because we can find out over 75% of Lifehacker visitors are using their mobile phone.

quantcast cross platforms


Quantcast breaks down the information even better by providing us how engaged each visitor is.

find out how popular a website is

Shopping Interests

Here we can learn about the shopping habits from the visitors of Lifehacker, currently viewing the retail purchase affinity report.

what products do my website visitors buy

Media Interests

Media interest information can be splited up further by streaming devices, movies, music & entertainment.

website traffic checker free

Business & Occupation

Discover which industry your visitors are working in, their occupation and attributes.

find out what jobs your visitors have

General Interests

One of the best reports you can get from Quantcast. Here you can discover what visitors like and which sites they have visited.

what interests your visitors have


You can break the data down further into countries and cities.

Top countries visiting lifehacker, can break this data down further into cities.

Quantcast geographic


Quantcast is a must have tool for website owners looking to get advantages on the competition. Even if you don’t have your own website but do affiliate marketing and buy website traffic you should use this if you want to get sales from those impressions.


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4. Alexa Website Traffic Checker

website traffic estimator

The first website traffic estimator software, Alexa, had been founded in 1996. In the beginning, Alexa assist their users find competitor sites by using a toolbar installed on the web browser.

This toolbar let Alexa the possibility to read and archive a lot of websites and visitor browsing datas.

Alexa has been taken over in terms of features by websites providing more information for free. Now, you can check out the visitor location, engagements, keywords, bounce rate and backlinks. The membership gives you more access to data starting at $149.

Alexa Rank

Here we have a first look at the Alexa rank over the past 12 months and the sites global and local rank.

Alexa rank for lifehacker


The top five countries that visit Lifehacker. If we measure Alexa Quantcast information, we can notice the prime four positions are similar.

website traffic estimator


Alexa looks simple with just three data points, page views per visitor, average time on site and bounce rate.

engagement data for lifehacker

Search Traffic

I would take Alexa data with a ton of salt. We can check out the top keywords are very generic and most likely incorrect.

finding the keywords a competitor ranks for


The data is free ,so I guess we shouldn’t complain, but the “top” five backlinks for Lifehacker are rather lacklustre.

how to find competitors backlinks for free


It was once a great tool but has seen a big decline in what it offers for free. Alexa pro starts at a price $149; you could get a lot more relevant data from a platform such as Ahrefs or SEMrush.


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5. Check website traffic free online with Traffic Estimate

Estimated traffic data for competitors website

A simple website traffic checker free that gives out the necessary information on any site. It seems to collect data by combining other sources and spitting out the results. The traffic pulled for Lifehacker appears to be on the low side, and the top “keywords” seem to be irregular.


check website traffic free


It’s free to use and needs a few seconds to run a competitor analysis, the chance of finding any data the others haven’t?


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Final Thought on How To Check Website Traffic For Free

check website traffic free

I must accept I assumed SEMrush would still be on #1, but after seeing what Similar Web has to offer its clear, they are the champion in terms of accessibility and information. Not only is the service free to access its also accurate*.

Getting a rough estimate of another website’s traffic in your niche can help you increase traffic and dominate, something every company should monitor.

It makes me wonder whats going on with Alexa internet? Being owned by amazon, I thought they would be displaying much more information. Do they not have access to amazon shoppers, fire, kindle and the hugely successful amazon echo owners.


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